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  • Celebration!St Paul Cathedral Centennial 1914-2014
  • Troubadour
  • The Waiting Room
  • Ghost of the Capitol Theatre
  • St. Joseph’s on Fire!
  • The Brothers: Book One
  • The Brothers: Book Two
  • Lords of the Moxee Valley
  • Wolf Castle
  • Good Morning Children of America

stjoseph It would be literally correct to write an obituary about St. Joseph’s Catholic Church because it appeared that, with the exception of a few damaged items, the church had truly died and all that remained were stone walls, the front doors and the three transom stained glass windows. It would have taken a backhoe operator less than a half hour to flatten all that remained of the old church. That didn’t happen

Susan La Riviere

TheWaitingRoomcover We were strangers collected on the deck of a ship, bonafide passengers on an excursion to the waiting room, where as one family we bargained with God to save the lives of our loved ones.

Susan Marionneaux La Riviere


To dream the impossible dream To fight the unbeatable foe To bear with unbearable sorrow To run where the brave dare not go

Song: Man From La Mancha


I try to be a healer, a consoler, an encourager.

My mission is to empower people to grow in their faith.


Monsignor John Ecker Pastor and Vicar General St. Paul Cathedral